Tuesday, February 14, 2012

not dead

Hi! Remember when I moved to New York and stopped blogging? I do! Having a job and living in a city you really want to get the most out of when you're not working kind of affects your desire to blog, but here I go!

I'm right in the middle of my second fashion week here in New York, and just like last season my pal Tavi hosted a party at a hotel in the city. Last season it was at the Ace, and this past Sunday night it was at the Standard East Village. The party was for the premiere of the short animation Cadaver (directed by my new bud Jonah Ansell), for which she provided a voice. In between eating cotton candy amongst skeletons, she sang very sweetly and was responsible for me filling my body with vodka and dancing for 3 hours non-stop.

She also took my picture for her blog/GARAGE magazine.

(image from Tavi's blog, feat. Meagan, who I sadly only get to see when she pops into NYC from Chicago. Her lace capey dress was so fantastic and accommodating to me when I decided to climb inside it multiple times. SRY MEAGAN!)

This pose is the result of aforementioned vodka and dancing. Also, "dancing" to me basically translates to trying to make Anton laugh, and for that reason this "pose" is actually a dance move called the "hold a martini glass, make ridiculous face and try to ignore people laughing at you".


  1. that lace cape dress is just amazing1 :)



  2. nice snaps! just came across your blog & following! can't wait to read about your New York adventures! x

  3. Wow just came across your blog babe, im from melbourne too, how was the move to NYC? im so jealous must be amazing x